Cincinnati Property Management
and Investor Services

Added Services

HomeRiver Group® Cincinnati offers two additional property management services, the property preservation program and scheduled maintenance services, to further help you as the owner have peace of mind.

Property Preservation Program

The Property Preservation Program is a preventative maintenance program that is conducted quarterly on your property. Some clients place a big emphasis on having eyes on their property – this service aids in that need. Our inspectors schedule appointments with your tenants, do a 30-point interior and exterior inspection of your property, conduct routine maintenance activities such as replacing the air-filter to prolong the life of your AC system, replacing batteries in smoke detectors to comply with minimum housing standards; checking your fire-extinguisher, tightening and securing p-traps beneath sinks to prevent leaking, completing repairs that are within the maintenance limit, and providing quotes on repairs that are outside your maintenance limit. These inspections can be done on a quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or as needed basis.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

HomeRiver Group® Cincinnati has developed business relationships with preferred vendors across all aspects of home maintenance. Our experiences have taught us which vendors have the best quality, while keeping prices down.

Interested in scheduled maintenance services? We can add scheduled services for your property at a preferred HomeRiver Group® Cincinnati rate for servicing of your pool, lawn and maintenance care, major system tune ups for AC and appliances and much more! Consult your property manager today for your options.

When we say we are full service, we mean it!